“Right now, I urge you to unravel the listless, rigid parts and feed your wild, because it is the wild in you, not the barely alive, embedded-into-routine, zombie-like you that is now struggling for air. For turn on. For sweet prana. Restore the wild and the warrior.”
~Victoria Erickson

I believe that we have been socially conditioned to think & behave a particular way, to believe that we want certain things, to crave happiness as it is defined by mass media, your in-laws, your parents, and your peers … and I believe most of us have been rocked to sleep because we have slipped into the lull of “settling,” “tolerating” and “getting by.”

That is not a fulfilling way to live your life. But, I didn’t realize I was doing time and letting life happen to me until life rattled me hard enough to shake me awake. Perhaps you are there now too?

“Listen – Are you breathing just a little, and calling it a life?”
~ Mary Oliver

I work with women (and men) who are struggling to define happiness. They might have everything they have ever wanted, yet, they are empty and disconnected and sad. They have done everything they were supposed to do, in the right order, and everyone is proud of them because they have done it exactly as it was meant to be done. Yet, they long for more. They desire passion, purpose, bliss and … simplicity.

I work with women who are absolutely overwhelmed doing things they hate doing. I work with women who are waking up and wondering WTF they have done for the past ten years. I work with women who are afraid to make the changed they KNOW they need to make. I work with women terrified by transition, limbo, and the unknown. I work with women who are filled with rage, sadness, self hatred … because they believe things that are not true. We examine relationships, career choices, physical fitness, finances, nutrition, wellness (the foundation for bliss), sex, thoughts … we dig in. We dig deep and we don’t apologize.

We do the work head down and heart out. We tackle mindsets and limiting belief systems. We connect with core values that trigger emotional responses and light their inner fire. We tackled the hard, icky, muddled emotions of wanting things for themselves but always putting themselves last. We develop stopping lists, not to-do list. We clear clutter from their thoughts, environments, and basement closets.

We simplify. We focus. We embrace. We celebrate. We create sustainable lifestyle change. Are you ready?