Change is in the Air!

I have been inconsistent at best with my blog but my hope it to make it a weekly practice as a way of keeping my own thoughts and growth organized. I have dml - licensee badge - 800x774changed many thing this year  and I am very excited about how things are working out, for the most part!

  • I have semi retired from teaching. Yikes. Like half time. I have no intention of returning to full-time. I have other things that lightly fire and needed to devote time and energy to them.
  • STOKE Publishing, my boutique publishing business is incredibly fun and busy. You can learn more about what I do there at www.stokepublishing.com. I have realized the the coaching and publishing and speaking that I do actually all fits together beautifully. I work with people to help them discover their stories and then we work on changing them to move them forward. For some, that is such a transformative process they then feel compelled to WRITE out their story so that they can share their wisdom with the world and leave a legacy of impact. 
  • I am hosting INSPIRE the FIRE WITHIN RETREAT 2017 at Elk Ridge in two days! I cannot wait!
  • I have become a Licensed Desire Map Facilitator and have three face-to-face workshops coming up in the New Year and some seriously BIG NEWS to announce the week of my birthday … Stay Tuned!
  • I have set some lofty goals this year but I have shifted how I do that … and I am looking forward to sharing this journey with you!