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The Magic of Habit Stacking

Have you tried Habit Stacking?

Do you ever try to make changes in your life and you PROMISE yourself THIS TIME will be different but each time you try to implement the change in the same manner as you did last time (and it didn’t work then either)? Each time you are excited to make things happen and then, it all falls apart.

I want you to give Habit Stacking a try.

Why? Because it works.

Essentially what you do is tether new habits you want to develop to habits that you have already nailed down as part of a daily routine. For example, if you want to start flossing your teeth you would tether that desired habit to something you already do (brushing your teeth).

This works because routine is “you on auto pilot” and once you have a stack of habits (the good habits that will takehabitstacking you towards your goals) you just do them without thinking. Doing things consistently yields results.

I often talk about how bad it is to be on auto pilot and discuss how not thinking about what you are doing leads you astray, but auto pilot is okay if what you are doing is taking you where you want to go.

Let’s look at how this works. I will show you how I set my stacks up to help make long term change stick.

I attach a stack of little habits, that when practiced regularly will produce results I am craving in my life.

  • I am craving greater fitness and health.
  • I am craving more organized home in regards to laundry and clean clothes.
  • I am craving less hectic mornings and more efficient work days.

My stack of habits for the morning routine will be attached to waking up because I do that every day and if I don’t, then my habits do not matter anymore!

  • Wake up
  • Drink a glass of lemon water
  • Go to basement and do the 7 minute workout
  • Swap laundry & fold load
  • Make coffee and go over day plan – set intention for the day and 6 priority items
  • Shower and get on with the day

Now if I do this stack daily then there is no doubt that the things I am craving will begin to happen as well. They can’t help but happen.

The point is not to make it too difficult. I could start the workout with a set of push-ups and sit-ups and then build from there. Once this becomes a habit, I can fine tune things to be more specific or more challenging and I could add to the duration.

You can also create an evening stack to attach to something you already do in the evening to help prepare you for the next day.

Try Habit Stacking today and watch your life change and your dreams come true! I used Habit Stacking to begin my fitness journey many years ago. It works as long as you keep it simple and quick and increase the time spent on tasks once the routine is set.

Habit Stacking is just one element that you will find in my upcoming release – The LIFEMAP Planner. This planner has life coaching tools embedded in the design so the structure is there to help facilitate your success. Usually the planner is part of my LIFEMAP course but I have decided to pull the planner out and modify a version that can be used as a stand alone resource! Stay tuned for more information about The LIFEMAP Planner and get 2016 off to a fantastic start!