Bestselling Author, Speaker and Life Strategist

I know you likely want the quick & dirty details. Here they are!dml - licensee badge - 800x774

I am a mother, sister, friend, teacher, speaker, Ironman triathlete, bestselling author, certified CANFITPRO trainer, and a health, wellness and strategy coach. I am also a Licensed Desire Map Facilitator. I am a self-proclaimed junkie when it comes to personal development. I have been paying close attention during the last 13 years of my own journey and I love sharing what I have learned with others. In fact, I wrote a few books because I felt so passionate about what I had discovered that I figured that would be an effective way to share with the world. I’m happy to say WTF to OMG, Happy on Purpose, and The Gratitude Transformational Journal books have been tucked into purses and beach bags around the world and devoured during “Calgon, Take Me Away!” bath times too!
I am also the host of GET HAPPY NOW! Podcast which is available on iTunes and Stitcher and I offer online courses to
help people create lives based on what they podcastcovertruly desire. I will be opening my podcast up to new guests in Nov and December of 2017 so stay tuned for new shows.

I help women understand why they may not be happy despite “having it all!”  I guide women who feel overwhelmed by circumstance to understand that it is not the circumstance, but the mindset, that shall set them free. And, I am all about working with clients to be as bold as possible, encouraging and supporting them to take courageous, scary, “oh it feels so good” action.

You have one life, what are you doing with yours?  

Who I was before I figured IT out?

Miserable, depressed, disconnected, quick to anger, overwhelmed, overweight, overworked and pretty not-so-awesome to be around. Oh, and I was married. And, I lived on processed food. I am actually not sure that I knew the difference between carbs and fats. I wore oversized clothing to hide everything about myself I hated. My weight. My fears. My insecurities. My thoughts. I put myself at the bottom of my priority list. I thought it was selfish to take care of myself, but now I realize it is a necessity. I also see now that when I take care of me, and show up strong and healthy, I am 100 times the woman I was when I was broken and lost. I make a difference in the world when I can show up fully as me.

My story is likely much like yours. But different in it’s own way. There is no pity party here. Life has a way of handing us these curve balls from time to time, and it is up to us to learn the skills we need to cultivate happiness and growth within even the hardest times.


  • Bachelor of Education. University of Saskatchewan.
  • Masters of Science. Texas A&M University.
  • Post Graduate Diploma, Educational Technology. Cape Breton University.
  • Certified Life Coach and Certified Weight Loss Coach, FIA International Academy of Coaching.
  • Certified Personal Trainer, CANFITPRO.
  • Licensed Desire Map Facilitator