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Life is Lived in the Details – Gratitude Walk

Screen Shot 2016-08-24 at 11.18.09 PMI was four hours north of my home city, tucked up in the bushes of Saskatchewan. My daughter and I decided to go for a walk on the “bear trail.” Yes, bears use the trail. Yes, this makes me nervous. We went anyways because it was a beautiful day and bears had not been an issue this year. That doesn’t mean I was not on high alert!

I grabbed my iPhone so I could take pictures of any little discoveries we might make out there. Often, taking a camera with me  focuses me in on the details I might not normally see. It encourages me to pay attention to the details, minute things, passing moments, my footprints, my eye level, the ground level and every thing in between.

Screen Shot 2016-08-24 at 11.17.57 PMToday, I was so delighted to see my first SMURF-like Mushroom which I was later told would likely kill me. (Note: don’t harvest mushrooms from the forest unless you know what you are doing!) There was also an abundance of berries in many colours. I got down low to the ground to change my perspective and it really did change the pictures I took. I was paying attention to the details … little things I might normally walk past without noticing. I have termed this type of adventure The Gratitude Walk and I write about it in my book, The Gratitude Transformation Journal.

Screen Shot 2016-08-24 at 11.18.26 PMGive it a try … grab your camera and head out on the most “natural” walk you can. Look for the sun shining through trees, berries, wildlife or evidence of wildlife, look low, look high, lay down on your back and look up, put your cheek to the earth and look forward, look up fallen trunks, look for the little animal habitats in rotten wood or swampy ground… life is lived in the details! Feel free to share your own Gratitude walk pictures on my FB page!

PS. The next day I ran this trail with my boyfriend and we saw fresh bear poop, chalk full of blueberries … I made him go first.