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SWIFTKICK Academy is an online learning platform that securely hosts all of my online courses. Students create accounts in SWIFTKICK Academy when they register for one of the paid courses below. This platform allows my students to access their learning materials from any location where they have access to internet connection. In self study courses, students move through the materials at their own pace. In coached courses, the course starts on a specific date and ends on a specific date and while they have access to materials and can do the course work on their own schedule, the group moves along at the same pace and the course is facilitated by a coach who is checking in on them and their progress and who is available for support as they move through the course. Coached courses also often include group coaching calls set at specific dates and times. These calls are recorded so that the students can revisit the calls if they miss them or wish to hear the content again.

FREE Courses

The following eCourses are sent to you directly via email. Once you have signed up AND CONFIRMED your email address (check your spam folders for the confirmation email), you will begin receiving the content in your email account.

PAID Courses

The OMG Sessions ($47):This self study course is an introductory course to help you experience the power of a mindset shift. This work is foundational and must be tackled in all programs to ensure you have a strong base upon which to build. Click to register here.

Video Module 1:      Identifying Your Values
Video Module 2:      Identifying Value Connections & Value Violations
Video Module 3:      Creating Your Priorities on Identified Values
PLAYTIME:               Vision Boards
Video Module 4:      Goals and Dreamlinking
BONUS VIDEO:       Why Desperation is a Gift
Video Module 5:      Fear + Action = Confidence
Video Module 6:      Deactivating the DMN to Overcome Your Fears

Self Publishing 101 Video Course ($197): Did you know that 85% of people list wanting to write a book as a bucket list item? In this video course, I show how I self published 5 books and the lessons I have learned along the way. Great for those interested in self publishing!


The LIFEMAP Program – Self Study Version ($597): Coming soon.

The LIFEMAP Program – Coached Version ($997): Coming soon.