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The DREAMBOOK Productivity Planner 2016

This is NOT a regular planner. This is a planner that has structures embedded into the design to help make you more productive, to help you create new behaviors that are tied to YOUR goals and to help you make your DREAMS COME TRUE!

For a few years now I have had visions of creating a DREAMBOOK Productivity Planner for people seeking a planner that would help make magical things happen for them. And here it is at last. You really should watch the overview video because it is like having me sit down with you for 10 minutes to explain WHY the DREAMBOOK is designed the way it is. It is important to understand the components and how to use them to get the most out of each day and to use your time and focus in a way that can MOVE MOUNTAINS!

There are TWO ways to purchase your own copy of this planner.

  • A PDF Download File  for $5.99 CAD (you print and bind yourself). You must purchase a copy for each DREAMBOOK you want to print or have printed. You will receive a permission to print letter to show to print shops.
  • From Amazon (create space link) for $24.99 USD for a paperback, traditionally bound book.

DREAMBOOK Productivity Planner for 2016 – The Details

This is your year. The year you are going to make things happen. How? By following the structure of this planner, designed by life coach, bestselling author, speaker and Ironman triathlete. (That’s me!)
Using strategies such as Habit Stacking, Morning Minutes, Magic 6, Easy Wins, Day of Alignment, and the Practice of Gratitude this DREAMBOOK Productivity Planner is like nothing you have ever seen. The structure is designed to assist you and support you as you create your best year yet!
250 pages. Black and White. The PDF File is in colour should you wish to invest in a colour copy.

The DREAMBOOK Productivity Planner 2016 Contains 

• Free Access to The DREAMBOOK Resource Page on my website, including the HAPPY NEW YOU 7 Day E-Course
• Annual Planning Calendar for 2016
• Quarterly Planning Calendars (Jan, Feb, Mar) (April, May, June) (July, Aug, Sept) (Oct, Nov, Dec)
• A blank Note page at the end of each week for recording connections, reflections, and notes for the week. Helps you keep track of what you need to schedule into the upcoming week.
• Instruction on how to use each feature of The DREAMBOOK Productivity Planner can be found at the back of the planner.
• Daily Planning pages feature:

– Scheduling for Monday – Sunday, 5am – 10 pm
– Habit Stacking Check Lists that you customize based on your personal goals
– Morning Minutes for setting the day’s intention
– Easy Wins for getting things done and creating energy and momentum based on a feeling of accomplishment
– Magic 6 for focusing on your daily priorities and managing your time more effectively
– Space for your personal Gratitude Practice
– Sunday, also known as the Day of Alignment, has tools for reviewing the prior week and setting purpose for the week ahead allowing you to reflect on what worked well and what needs tweaking. The DOA allows you to bring forward items that still need to be addressed in the weeks that follow.

So if you are ready to make magic happen! Grab your own copy today and let’s do it!