Work With Me

I know, you want to know if this is going to be fun or if this is going to hurt, right?

Well, here is the thing. You have to be ready to DO THE WORK. You have to WANT to do the work. You have to hold up your end of the partnership. That means you SHOW UP prepared to give this your all. Why? Because YOU deserve it and it will change your life. How do I know? Because, it changed mine (and the tools and processes continue to change my life.) If you work with me, I will support you as you

    • embrace new situations and challenges with zeal
    • discover and celebrate your unique and wonderfully amazing talents, abilities, and desires
    • discover what inspires you to the core of who YOU are
    • rock the boat, kick up a storm, and challenge YOUR status quo (cause that can be really scary exciting!)

I will help you

    • quickly solve sticky icky stagnant problems with fresh eyes and new perspective
    • generate ideas that surprise you (that entire “thinking outside the box” thing is way easier if you are not the one ass deep in alligators and a fresh perspective is a game changer)
    • make sh*t happen through the practice of stellar execution

Work with me

I am here to inspire you to upgrade your life, happiness and satisfaction.

Oh, one other thing. I will be somewhat gentle with you … but I won’t let excuses interfere with your progress. There won’t be any sugar coating here simply because THAT won’t take YOU where you want to GO!

I was a mother and a wife, who struggled to find time for my family. I was filled with anxiety, and I had extremely low self-worth. I just felt as though I did not measure up to what I should be, or what my family needed. Jennifer was quick to take me under her wing and taught me how to navigate my life to where I want it to go. ~A.A.. Saskatoon

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 Let’s do this!