Half-Day Goal Explosion Adventure

Half-Day Goal Explosion Adventure (One-on-One)

aa2Having goals changes your direction, but having well defined, clear goals changes the game! Yet, many people do not take the time to sit down and really nail them down with clarity.

The Half-Day Goal Explosion Adventure allows us the time to sit down and ~ starting from your “big idea” ~ we continue to drill down until we have an ACTION PLAN in place for you.

You are left with a PDF report of the Goal Explosion Adventure and an Action Plan. We can meet again in 3-4 months time to ensure that you are moving forward and we can make immediate changes to your plan indicating progress, obstacles, and of course, we get to celebrate your success. These Goal Setting Explosion Sessions allow you to get laser focused on what you need to do to get where you want to go, and focus my friend, is like magic.

These sessions are one-on-one, are three hours in length and are available throughout the year as time allows.

Please contact me for more information or schedule an appointment.