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Jennifer is the bestselling author of WTF to OMG, Happy on Purpose, and The Gratitude Transformation Journal. She is a teacher, certified personal trainer, Ironman triathlete, single mother, and storyteller who is here to liberate the lost and the overwhelmed from the day to day grind of mindless obligations so that they can find their way back to happy!

She is a self-proclaimed personal development junkie who has changed her own life simply by changing her mind. Over ten years ago, Jennifer experienced what she calls a “WTF Moment” and decided she was done with her current level of misery. She stopped blaming others for her situation and took full responsibility for creating change. She got seriously clear about what she wanted and began to use the power of focus, gratitude and curiosity to redefine her experiences.

Jennifer is the owner of SWIFTKICK Life and is the creator of The Inspire the Fire Within Wellness Retreat and The LIFEMAP Productivity + Life Planner. She is the host of the GET HAPPY NOW podcast on iTunes and Stitcher. Her mission in life is to help others understand that if they step up and into their lives they can move from WTF to OMG just like she did!

Speaking gives Jennifer a chance to connect with larger groups of people by sharing her story and her work. She is excited to be able to offer her services to entertain and educate your group. With over 15 years of teaching experience, she can easily modify her content to meet the needs of different learners and diverse audiences. Please contact her to discuss your specific needs. Jennifer has presented at literary events, medical retreats, corporate conferences, and youth groups. She also runs her own workshops and retreats but can cater these for your group as well.

AS SEEN in Tiny Buddha®, Inspire Me Today®, Fine Lifestyles Magazine, Good Enough Mother, Kim Dolan Leto and on the stages of the SHETA/ASHA Conference, WIMWiN Conference, Word on the Street, and Saskatchewan Cancer Agency. Guest on John Gormley Live & CFCR Radio Book Club.

Jennifer’s Most Requested Topics

Jennifer is happy to tailor her presentations to fit your audience and event needs.  Please Note:  Affordable customized packages that include a speaking appearance + books from Jennifer’s collection + online course + team lead catalyst questions for “lunch & learn” events are available for corporate clients.  This not only ensures that Jennifer’s message is shared, but that audience members can be supported to take action and create results. Please contact to discuss.

14671082_10153838395992274_1249413995958337836_nThe Power of a Gratitude Transformation

In a culture of more, more, more we seldom stop to appreciate the blessings that currently surround us. Understanding how gratitude can impact our health and wellness is a profoundly powerful realization that can change everything about how you participate in your life. This presentation will teach you how to cultivate a response of gratitude in a sometimes heart-breaking, overly busy and chaotic world!

“Life has taught me that in all moments, there is something to be grateful for, but I had to teach myself to see these things. I struggled for a long time. Learning to trust in the power of gratitude has changed my life.” – Jennifer Sparks

Happy on Purpose

If you ask people what they really want in life, continued probing would reveal that they “just want to be happy!” They may feel that because they have done everything just as they “should have,” happiness should be a given. This presentation will teach you that happiness is a skillset that needs to be practiced and that it takes work to learn how define your own happiness so that you can navigate life on your own terms.

“Being Happy on Purpose is about making a conscious decision in each moment to move towards or away from happiness. It is not about having the perfect life; it is about learning how to be happy by using your focus to define your experiences.” Jennifer Sparks

WTF to OMG: Creating a Life You Love

What do we do when we find ourselves living a life that brings us little satisfaction? How do we take back control even if we are living in less than ideal situations? Through the use of both hilarious and moving real-life stories, I demonstrate the power that a mindset shift can have on the quality of your life and relationships with others.

“A true WTF Moment makes you aware of your current reality. It demands you accept full responsibility for where you are and it gives you the vision you need to commit to change.” Jennifer Sparks

Half Day and Full Day Workshops (Hands on)

Jennifer has several workshops designed to allow participants an opportunity to imagine and feel what is possible. These can be customized for corporate events and diverse audiences. Please contact me for details.

The LIFEMAP Productivity + Life Planner – One Day Workshops

The LIFEMAP Workshop allows participants to work with a coach as they learn how to use annual planning, quarterly planning, daily planning and various strategies (habit stacking, magic 6, easy wins, morning minute and gratitude) to quickly increase their productivity and their life satisfaction.

Self Publishing Process

Several of Jennifer’s self published books have become repeat Amazon bestsellers. In addition, her first book, WTF to OMG remained on McNally’s Bestseller list for over 20 consecutive weeks and made the 2014 Saskatchewan Bestseller list at number 12. Jennifer enjoys sharing how her process has changed overtime and how people can get “writing a book” off their bucket list! Jennifer also has a video course on self publishing and invites groups to hire her for weekend workshops on the self publishing process.



Contact Jennifer to discuss your needs.

What Event Organizers Are Saying:

Opening Keynote at SHETA/ASHE Conference Sept 2016

“We booked Jennifer as our Keynote Speaker for the Saskatchewan Home Ec Teachers Association Conference.  Finding a Keynote Speaker who shares a message that resonates with entire group can be difficult, but Jennifer connected with everyone.  Her presentation on The Power of Gratitude and Being Happy on Purpose was engaging and relatable.  I made so many personal connections with Jennifer and enjoyed listening to her journey.  She is a wonderful speaker with a powerful message!”

Haley Bartsch, SHETA/ASHE Conference Co-Chair

Breakout Sessions at WIM/WiN Conference 2015

 “Jennifer presented two 90 minute sessions at the 2015 WIM/WiN Conference on the topic of happiness and success. As an event planner, I came across Jennifer through an article on her latest book Happy on Purpose  and felt that this type of information was something the attendees could benefit from learning more about. Both of her sessions were very well attended and she received lots of positive feedback from the attendees. She is a dynamic presenter who engages her audience on an emotional level with a professional quality presentation. She is also storyteller who was able to keep her audience entertained as she presented happiness research through memorable and impactful stories and examples.

From an event planner’s perspective, I really appreciated her professionalism in providing bio, picture, promo piece and presentation on deadline. She was able to augment her sessions by offering her books and her online course/resources to the conference attendees at a substantial discount, truly supporting the ones who were most interested in what she had to share about living a full and rewarding life, regardless of individual life circumstances. I wouldn’t hesitate to book her services again or to recommend her to others.”

Karen Turner, DirectorCapture
Turner Event Management


“We invited Jennifer to speak to our group and to share her work as a means to engage our team. Jennifer’s discussion “Get Your Happy On” was fabulous and she offered innovative & realistic ways to become more positive in your own life, as well as to create positivity around you. Jennifer’s simple principles and life stories gave an opportunity for all of us to sit back and reflect on our own lives and the changes we can all make to be happier.”

Lisa Korec, Provincial Manager Hematology
Saskatchewan Cancer Agency

Audience Praise

chantell“Jennifer Sparks is all heart, she is as real as they come and has this ability to bring such emotion and connection to her stories that we can’t help but be transformed. She shares her journey of going from what she calls her WTF moment to her OMG moment and helps us to find our own way out of fear and negativity and into living a life that lights us up. Thank you for your beautiful stories, your powerful teachings and your realness, you left it all on the stage!”

Chantelle Adams, Professional Speaker, Speech Stylist, Courage Igniter
Kelowna, BC Canada

“Heartfelt, real powerful empowering enlightening.” Sara McClellan

“A heartfelt, powerful, wonderful talk to inspire every life.” Theresa Crowley

“Jennifer is such an inspiration! I was so with her story wishing and prayer for her daughter to heal. I am inspired to bring gratitude into my life more and more!” 

Mary Baillee, MSW
Transformational Coach, Speaker, and Purpose Igniter!

“Jennifer keeps you spell-bound in story. She is the ultimate speaker for bringing you in and allowing you to be in her shoes. You will feel the breakthrough right in your heart!” 

Molly Knight-Forde

“Jennifer is an amazing and powerful speaker who inspired me to work at my own life in a way I hadn’t before. She was so open, relatable, fun and vulnerable.” 

Smith Banfield

“Jennifer is a gifted, moving speaker. Her stories drew me in and brought me to question myself. I was moved to evaluate my life, and notice my WTF moment. I am inspired to meganmake changes to my OMG moment. Highly recommend booking her at your event if you want to motivate and inspire change.”

Meaghan Alton, Profit Pro and Business Growth Strategist.
British Columbia, Canada

“Jennifer is an inspiring speaker. As she spoke I was deeply impacted by her message of transformation from suffering to surrender to responsibility. Her message is timely and I will apply her wisdom in my own life.” Joy Kingsborough

“OMG, Jennifer Sparks commands the stage! Her message was deep, emotional and ultimately so hopeful. She will inspire you to want more for you and your life.” 

Tara LeDuc

jo“Jennifer’s raw passion and amazing ability to connect with her audience is so intense. Her moving and inspirational story was so touching and she left me with awesome ideas about how to improve my experience of life today.” 

Jo Davidson
Client Creation Whizz | Straight-Talker | Maverick
Newcastle, England

“Jennifer is a phenomenal speaker who brings her heart and powerful story. She deeply moves the audience with her vulnerability and lifts us up with her inspiring message.” 

Dawn Gibson

“Jennifer is an impactful storyteller, whose delivery is calm and clear. Her raw emotion and passion draw the audience in and engage them in such as way they feel part of her story. Her message of gratitude is universal, and left me feeling hopeful and light. Jennifer’s message would be perfect on any stage.” 

Marlo Ellis
Motivational Speaker, Freedom Coach for Women and Master of Feminine Badassery

“Jennifer’s talk was so moving.  Her story of transformation is not uncommon but Jennifer’s delivery was concise, clear and entertaining.  I just loved it!”  

Michelle Cooper

Request Jennifer to Speak at Your Live Event

I love the topics and Jennifer’s energy! I am ready to book her to speak at my LIVE event!

Please use the Contact page and I will get back to you within 3 business days. I would LOVE to speak at your event but first, we need to make sure we are a great fit and chat about some of the details!

Interview & Online Event Requests

I believe that Jennifer would be a great fit to be a part of our online event.

Awesome possum! Let’s chat more about it and the expectations you would have of me and my contribution.

Topics I love to discuss are:

  • Learning How to be Happy on Purpose
  • The Power of Gratitude
  • The Impact of Visualization on Your Life
  • WTF to OMG: Creating a Life You Love – Where to Start! 
  • Productivity and Life Planning Strategies
  • Overcoming Overwhelm
  • Changing Your Mind to Change Your Life
  • Self Publishing Process & The Power of Story

Thing I consider when accepting your invitation:

  • An active and receptive email list (I want to be sure our interview is reaching as many people as possible)
  • Video or audio interviews
  • An event that is primarily focused on women who need to hear what I love to share with passion, or advance warning so that I can cater my message to a more diverse audience
  • Events that do not ‘require’ me to email my list, although often I do if I feel it serves my message

Here is how I will promote YOU after our interview:

Sound groovy?  Please visit my Contact page and let me know what you have in mind and how I may be able to help!

From Literary Event Participants

“Thank you for your presentation. It was very good. The videos were effective. I liked your endings. The mini workshop was powerful!”

“You are little and hard to see so I would prefer you on a stage. I loved your personal touch stories and the event was FullSizeRenderthe perfect length. I also appreciated the tools you shared.” (Yes, I am 5’1.)

“Thank you! You are a true inspiration. Please keep writing! You are a real leader and I learned a lot! What a great time of year for a presentation on gratitude.”

“You are a very clear speaker and you have great eye contact. It was a great presentation and a pleasure to listen to you and be in your presence!”

“You are a lovely, engaging speaker. Thank you for reminding me about gratitude and how important it is!” 

“Jenn, you did an awesome job as always! I have been following you since your first book and I continue to buy multiple copies of your books for friends and bring them to your events. Thank you for begin so awesome!”

“Joyful affirmation of the power of gratitude. Thank you.”

“Thanks for the reminders and other neat ideas. You are great to listen to – excellent presentation! Love your sense of humour. You gave me ideas for sharing this with my family and friends.”

“Thank you so much for taking the time to speak. You are truly an amazing person. I am so happy that I got to come and that I chose to come. You have impacted my life. I am going to walk away from here tonight with a change in my life. Thank you!”

“Thank you for the session. I somehow found your GET HAPPY NOW podcast over the Christmas break and am really enjoying it! You have inspired me because you are local and successful.I am inspired by your great public speaking.”

I heard you on the John Gormley Show this morning. You are a very good speaker – well spoken and eloquent. Congratulations on your third book. You have a gift of communication – writing and speaking!”

“Very positive – Your genuine, relatable personality is obvious. True passion is front and centre and I loved the sharing of your life experiences. I am looking forward to reading your book! Thank you!”

“You know I love your stuff. I appreciate your help throughout!”

“Thank you for the wonderful evening. I thought you did a great job. Don’t change a thing – you are perfect as you are!”

“Excellent presentation, great facility, very practical and interesting. Totally motivating. Thank you!”

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